The VET students and Train the Trainer session participants have taken the Automotive Engineer exams in June 2016. The overall result is very positive. For example, the pass rate for the participants from the Train the Trainer session is 94% with only one participant failing the exam. The feedback regarding the exam itself is also positive in general. They think the exam questions have covered the important topics discussed in the training. In addition, they see the exam as a good way to test the Automotive Engineer knowledge they have gained during the training.

The Automotive Engineer Curriculum is certified by the ECQA and therefore offers internationally recognized examination and certification schema and facilities.

The ECQA is the most successful European platform in the area of standardisation, unification and certification of skills and competences for modern job roles in industry. It offers currently 30 professional certificates, and promotes respective curricula and training materials that have been developed by international consortia. The certification and training offer is steadily growing in terms of professions and also in the number of languages covered.

Within the ECQA, all trainings are modular, based on learning outcomes as a minimum unit of modularity, and therefore compliant with both the ECVET and ECTS credit systems. The Job Role Committees (JRCs) associated with each profession ensure that all courses worldwide are built according to the same structure and standards.