Our offer

Automotive industry – OEMs and Tiers alike –recruit engineering graduates from an increasingly large variety of engineering backgrounds. Doing so, they report huge investments in delivering to these graduates the required basic knowledge about the automotive industry and related engineering skills. Therefore, if teaching the basic knowledge and the skills required in the modern automotive development and manufacturing processes were part of the students’ curricula, they would have a significant gain in time and investment. This is even more necessary today as companies are striving for mastering the customer demand of a total life cycle care for their products in the form of value-added services, a tendency that widens up again the need for different job roles to have an understanding of the key processes in automotive industry.

The project will offer VET trainings and university lectures. Also trainings for OEMs and TIERs will be scheduled if they are interested. A few OEMs and TIERs already asked us to schedule trainings for them.