Training materials

By the end of the project in October 2016 we will have developed, written and published different kinds of training materials in different languages.

Book “Automotive Engineer”
Our text book is a well structured introduction to the automotive industry. Besides the introduction unit, product and process development, engineering, and continuous improvent are explained and illustrated with lots of examples from the automotive industry. This book will be written in English, Dutch, French and German.
In English and Dutch our text book will be available and published as of January 2016. We will use this book during our trainings at VETs and universities as of February 2016. In French and German our text book will be available and published as of April 2016. As of then this book will be used during the project trainings in France, Austria, and Germany.

Exercise book
This book will be available in English by January 2016 and contains lots of exercices to explain and practice your newly learned knowledge.

Training slides
The training slides trainers use to train trainees are available in English and Dutch (as of January 2016), and in German and French (as of April 2016).